Using the Parrot Flypad for controlling the AR Drone 2.0

Hello all,
I’m currently trying to control my AR Drone 2.0 with the Parrot Flypad. Now currently the only way I found around for using such controller is with the FreeFlighMini app, that unfortunately do not support the AR Drone 2.0.
Then I was thinking to develop an application (for now on Windows) that is able to read the data from the Flypad and “redirecting” the controls to the AR Drone (using the SDK).
Is somebody aware of the specifications of the Flypad in order to “catch” its commands?


Flypad was designed for mini drones only.
Why don’t use a regular pad like a xbox or ps4 ?

Hello Jerome,
many thanks for your reply. Yes … I’ve learned that too late!! :grimacing:
let’s say that the idea has blowned in my mind only because having bought by mistake the Parrot Flypad, I just would like to do not completely waste it and “play” a little bit around the SDK. Of course even PS4 pad would be a valid alternative. Do you know a native way for using PS4 pad, or even in this case there would be the need to write a code for a sort of “middleware” between the pad and the AR Drone?