Video stream resolution - 720P?


So I just sawn email today from parrot for the new FF Pro app. It states:

“The drone’s video flow is synchronized in real time on your smartphone (streaming) in HD 720P.”

Is that really true? My drone has the latest firmware. In my application I’m seeing a resolution of 856 X 480. I also updated my FF Pro app and don’t see any difference in video quality between my app and FF Pro. Am I missing something? Thanks


Low quality video resolution for sphinx


Since the 3.4.0 firmwares, you can use the setVideoResolution command to choose between a 720p stream + 720p record config, or the “default” 480p steam + 1080p record. Please note that you can not change this setting while recording, or during flight (even if not recording).

Regarding FreeFlight stream quality, it only enables the 720p/720p setting when in FPV mode, otherwise the priority is given to the record, and thus the stream is only in 480p.



That’s great, thanks! I just tried it and there appears to be a bug with it. Setting from 480 to 720, the camera points up, covers half the screen, and is frozen. After reconnecting to the drone it looks fine. Going from 720 to 480 there is no problems.


So the bug appears to be with moving the camera pan and tilt while in 720 mode. I have a thumb slider for moving the camera around, and when in 720 mode if I move the camera around for a bit all of a sudden the video stops being received. I get decoding errors and the frame is empty.

I did some debugging to see if I could figure out why but everything seems ok. I never send a pan/tilt that is outside the min/max values.



Thanks for this feedback. We will try to reproduce it and get back to you.

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If the non-HD stream is 480p, does that actually mean 480 in height?
In the BebopVideoView example code it says
private static final int VIDEO_WIDTH = 640;
private static final int VIDEO_HEIGHT = 368;
Which does make sense because the video is 16/9. But is the 480p stream 640368 in this case, or is the stream 853something480 and the example code needs an update?

Bonus question: Is there example code for having two video views for side by side fpv flight?


I think that’s outdated in the sample. They’ve made some improvements to the video stream. The frames you receive from the drone are in fact 480p 854x480.



@Slobdell is right, this is outdated. The actual video width and height comes from the sps.

Sorry, we do not provide any examples for the fpv.

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