Waypoints recording


It could be much more useful, if we can record a new waypoint on the air.

When we fly in manual mode, we could record a new waypoint, localization, altitude, and current camera angle, for example by a special icon available in main screen. Better: by right hardware button (it is not in use because such icon is always visible on the bottom-right corner of screen).
In this case we can collect all necessary waypoints while we fly.

Then we can edit such collection of icons in normal Flight Plan editing, fix some point, move some point or
delete, or just start to fly one more time with the same already recorded points.

This could add advantage: we plan points more securely, because we do not “ask” and determine altitudes from maps preview, but we fly and observe the drone on the air, and record where is safe altitude in every point of the plan.

One more: it could be additional feature: recording waypoints automatically, for example: every 15 seconds.



Either this is a change request for the Freeflight app, in this case, please contact the user support to share your need.
Or it is a developer need ; in this case, the sdk for Anafi is not yet available. However, you can totally develop an app that implement this behavior with the sdk for a Bebop or Bebop 2 drone.



I have no information where FF6 store and read pre-defined plans? On Android.

I could write app, even some online service for easier planning in bigger screen of laptop, only I have to know how to exchange data with FF6.


You need root. Flight plan data is stored within the app’s sandbox.


Why? Would it be change in the future?