Web interface stopped updating

Has the web interface stopped working for anyone else after the update?
@ myflowerpower.parrot.com

Hello. Some accounts that i manage stopped updating in web interface…

I have the same issue. On August 30 and 31, the Flower Power app was updated to 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 respectively. Since then the new app claims to upload data to the cloud & process it, but all new data is neither visible on https://myflowerpower.parrot.com or downloadable through the cloud API.
Only data uploaded through the previous app is downloadable through the cloud API (=visible in the JSON data structures).
I opened a case with Parrot support. On Sept. 9, they wrote "We have problems with our Server, we will resolve soon."
That’s it for now

Wow. At least you got a reply I guess.

I was using the propitiation on my iPhone, install it on my Tablet Android and update my garden with my iPhone does not. I hope to update my service scientists / professionals of parrot

I’m now running version 4.1.1 on iPad but still the data synced to the Cloud cannot be retrieved through the Web API.
Last JSON data there is from 2016-09-30, before I (was forced to be) upgraded to the first 4.x version.
More than 2 weeks have passed and they still haven’t fixed this Problem, which is clearly on their side, not mine. :frowning: