What are the axis values in sendSetExpo?

Looking over the setExpo command in ARFeatureMapper for SC2s and I see it provides a means to specify individual axis for a given (or all) products.

 * Send a command <code>SetExpo</code>
 * By default, each axis can have a different expo value.
 * For some products/mappings configuration, the expo values of two axes belonging to the same physical joystick can be locked to the same value. In this case, setting the value for one axis will automatically change both values.
 * @param product Product (see libARDiscovery for list). Set to 0 to apply to all products
 * @param axis Axis number. Set to -1 to apply to all axes.
 * @param expo Expo type
 * return executing error
public ARCONTROLLER_ERROR_ENUM sendSetExpo (short _product, int _axis, ARCOMMANDS_MAPPER_EXPO_TYPE_ENUM _expo)
    synchronized (this)
        if(initOk == true)
            int nativeError = nativeSendSetExpo (jniFeature, _product, _axis, _expo.getValue());
            error = ARCONTROLLER_ERROR_ENUM.getFromValue(nativeError);
    return error;


EXPO uid=2318 product=ARDISCOVERY_PRODUCT_EVINRUDE axis=0 expo=EXPO_0
EXPO uid=67854 product=ARDISCOVERY_PRODUCT_EVINRUDE axis=1 expo=EXPO_0
EXPO uid=133390 product=ARDISCOVERY_PRODUCT_EVINRUDE axis=2 expo=EXPO_0
EXPO uid=198926 product=ARDISCOVERY_PRODUCT_EVINRUDE axis=3 expo=EXPO_0
EXPO uid=264462 product=ARDISCOVERY_PRODUCT_EVINRUDE axis=4 expo=EXPO_0

My question is, what individual axes does the axis argument map to? I see there are 5 of them. I’m guessing the 5th is for the front left slider?


The “axis number” <–> “physical location” map can be found in the SkyController 2 documentation. Indeed the fifth axis is the left slider.


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I forgot all about that cool picture with the legend. Thanks!