What does 'Cap.' stand for?

One of the Jumping Sumo commands (found here) is to ‘Add the specified offset to the current cap.’. What is ‘cap.’ and what does this command do?

The cap here means the direction of the JumpingSumo. (It is a bad translation from French, sorry about that :wink: ).

For example, if you specify an offset of 1,5708 (90° in radians) the JumpingSumo will make a 90° turn.
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Thanks for the clarification. However, what’s the difference between that and ‘turn’ in the PCMD command?


This command allows you to pilot the jumping with relative angles (i.e. turn N degrees) while the turn argument of the PCMD allows you to give a rotation speed (i.e. turn at M degrees per second). You could achieve the former with a proper setting & timing of the PCMD, but this would be unreliable (any command lag would change the resulting rotation).

So basically, use the former if you want to do fixed-angle rotations, and use the latter if you want to control the rotation speed.