What Flight plan format (.mavlink and .waypoint)

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so when I want to start a flight plan with the sdk. I know how to do it. But I have got a question. Mission planner for example only allows to export the flight plan as an .waypoint file. I have compared it to a .mavlink file and it is as far as I am concerned the same.
So can I use the .waypoint file as a flight plan and start it? Or can I convert it somehow. Would be awesome since it would make planning much better!



If the content is the same, you should be able to just rename the .waypoint file into a .mavlink file.

Awesome thanks! Will give it a try today. Just compared the formats and it is the same. Gonna tell you how it went. I am little nervous, hope it doesn’t crash lol

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You can use the simulator to test it if you have a compatible computer.
See this post to know more about the simulator.

I am using OS X, so unfourtunately no :confused:

Sorry for reviving this post. This is for anyone else who was struggling with this like I was:

I was able to run a waypoints file generated by Mission Planner on the Bebop2 drone in simulation (Sphinx simulation). I did it by renaming the file from ***.waypoint to ***.mavlink :slight_smile: The final change I had to make was converting the latitude and longitude requested in the file to values relative to the latitude and longitude of the drone in simulation (latitude of 48.879257 and longitude of 2.368004 work fine).

Note: If you do not change the requested waypoints, the drone goes into a pause state and does not move, which leads you to think you have not done something correctly. I assume the drone goes into a pause state for requesting waypoints 100’s or 1000’s of km away. If you change the requested waypoints to something closer, the drone will stay in a start state and move to the waypoint.

An example of a mavlink file and a longer description on what each value means can be found on another question I asked.

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