What Flight plan format (.mavlink and .waypoint)


Hey guys,

so when I want to start a flight plan with the sdk. I know how to do it. But I have got a question. Mission planner for example only allows to export the flight plan as an .waypoint file. I have compared it to a .mavlink file and it is as far as I am concerned the same.
So can I use the .waypoint file as a flight plan and start it? Or can I convert it somehow. Would be awesome since it would make planning much better!




If the content is the same, you should be able to just rename the .waypoint file into a .mavlink file.


Awesome thanks! Will give it a try today. Just compared the formats and it is the same. Gonna tell you how it went. I am little nervous, hope it doesn’t crash lol


You can use the simulator to test it if you have a compatible computer.
See this post to know more about the simulator.


I am using OS X, so unfourtunately no :confused: