Whats the state of the SDK Support for AR.Drone 2.0 ( ARDrone_SDK_2_0_1.tar.gz )?

Whats the state of the SDK Support for AR.Drone 2.0 ?

I learned that there is “ARDrone_SDK_2_0_1.tar.gz”



doesn´t contain any useful links at all.

Most developer links on

at the bottom are broken

just points to
which just provides SDK for Drone3 devices.

One answer is:
Most previously found on

ARDRONE open API platform
is now on

including the “ARDrone_SDK_2_0_1.tar.gz”, at

while the website still contains the faulty link to

But I found this TLD “svn” just by chance… was the moving of the old contents ever published?!

whats the status of the SDK,
and will the AR.Drone 2.0 be available for the next future?

I had one day of training with the AR.Drone 2.0 on a workshop of the Nodecopter Core Team
on 2015-08-16 in Dortmund, Germany
and it was really really great, each particpant got his/her own drone lent for the workshop :-).

See my new fanpage about robotics and the Parrot drones



You can get the latest AR.Drone 2.0 SDK on this page. (Check the Get the full SDK link)

All the SDK-related talks are now on this forum, instead of the old ardrone.org domain, so as long as you tag your questions with “ARDrone”, this is the place to ask !

Regarding the SDK 2.0 development, it is no longer officially maintained, so no further development will happen on our side. Regardless, it still does work for the latest AR.Drone and AR.Drone 2 firmwares, and should still compile on most supported platforms.


Hi, I’m working on the ar.drone app, I have ardrone1. after the last update from parrot I see that in may iphone4s with ios 8, th sreen don’t show very well the image an control, for this, i started to use de sdks, but thee are some part of the code that we need to update. there are one line that i don’t know how to change.
CGSize size = [self.text sizeWithFont:font constrainedToSize:constraintSize lineBreakMode:self.lineBreakMode];

if i use the code and compiled, the app cannot open de conection with the drone and crash.
I know that parrot are not still updating the sdk but they has update the app, why they don’t put the last changes in the sdk?. this can help us to use the drone for a long time.
Some one now if the bebop has the ability to find targets like ardrone?

sizeWithFont method has beed deprecated by Apple since iOS 7.
Instead you can use this code;

CGSize size = [self.text sizeWithAttributes:@{NSFontAttributeName: font}];

thankw, I did the change, but the app sitil failing.
] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘-[__NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]: mutating method sent to immutable object’
*** First throw call stack:
(0x286530d7 0x36ae5c77 0x2865301d 0x285a8551 0x534c8 0x4fcac 0x2bcb455d 0x2bcb42cd 0x579f0 0x46e58 0xb283 0x2939339f 0x2861900f 0x28618423 0x28616aa1 0x285626d1 0x285624e3 0x2ff271a9 0x2bd14445 0xcd37 0x370b3aaf)
libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

the app is working, but I have some issue,
1.- the video is in 90º rotated.
2.- I only can enter to the app the first time , the second the apps crashing. can some one help me?.
we are near to ios10 and i thinks that we will have a lot of problem with the parrot support in th news iOS release.
I want to understand the video decode process for ar.drone 1.0 (because the ardrone 2 has h264) and after this I want to rebuild a new sdk for iOS.

AR DRONE 2 SDK is broken
the Kernel link is also broken : https://devzone.parrot.com/projects/show/oss-ardrone2
Please help

The same fo me, I just bought an ar drone 2.0. There is a http link write on the legacy notice but the link is broken.


Links were broken during the last website update. I’ve updated my reply to this post with up to date informations.


Many thanks Nicolas for this update !

Can you tell us also where to get the kernel sources which where on this broken link : https://devzone.parrot.com/projects/show/oss-ardrone2

but no more available also…



Here is a link to a post where I described how to get the kernel source code for AR.Drone 1 & 2:


Many Many many thanks !!
You are very reactive and efficient !

(I already read this thread about kernel source but firefox rejected my connection…I can access today using chrome)

Have a beautiful day!

Hello friends.

I’m trying to start a project of an autonomous Drone and bought a Ar drone 2.0, but I’m very frustraded because I couldn’t install the ArDrone SDK until today.
I’m trying to install in windows platform with Visual Studio 2015 and I don’t know how continue…
Do you think that would be better to work with Linux? I’m lost…
I need some help. Please.
Sorry for my English.
Thank you.

hi, brunorc, I have no answers about this particular problem, but, across the internet there are a number of projects that have implemented their own drivers for the ar drone, especially so because the protocol is open. As one example see: https://github.com/frezik/UAV-Pilot-ARDrone … and I am sure that there are others … for another: see: https://github.com/felixge/node-ar-drone

now, of course, that perhaps doesn’t answer your question, but, there is another way …