WiFi security query on Sequoia (WPA2)


Just a quick question to see whether it’s possible to enable WiFi security for the Sequoia. I’m not terribly comfortable having an open WiFi hotspot floating around for anyone to jump onto.

I see that the Bebop has recently had additions to the API made such that WPA2 can be enabled but I don’t see anything similar for the Sequoia. Is there some way to enable security such that I can actually enable and use the WiFi with reasonable safety?


Any ideas on this one guys?

I would have at least expected some authentication to access the HTTP interface.
As it is, anybody within a moderate physical proximity to my location while the camera is running could jump in and take and download any photos without any problem.

In this day and age having such a series of security vulnerabilities doesn’t seem appropriate. The fact that the WiFi turns itself back on by default every single time I power up the Sequoia as well instead of it remembering the last setting is also a pain.


Hi @jcfarsight
So far the need for this extra layer of security has not been a priority in our development.
I understand that it can seem not very safe and that you can feel uncomfortable.
Here are some points to mitigate this feeling.
1 - the wifi on Sequoia is for configuration only, its power and range are way smaller than Bebop’s one. We estimate it at 10m (30feet) so the possibility for someone else than you to connect to it without your consent is pretty low.
2 - Once you are connected to it, it won’t accept extra connections.

We will check how to implement it in the future.

Best regards


Thanks for the additional information.
While not ideal, I understand the reasoning and development prioritisation.


So I managed to crack this one after searching through the sequoia-ptpy library code on Github. It appears that you can actually enable security on the Sequoia by using the PTP protocol and accessing an undocumented API call.

Python code:

from ptpy import PTPy
camera = PTPy()
with camera.session():
camera.set_device_prop_value(“WifiPassphrase”, “YourPassphraseHere”) # Requires indent not shown due to forum formatting.

After restarting the Sequoia the WiFi will now start up automatically secured with WPA2-PSK using the passphrase you configured above.

Also I did an experiment and found that there is no restriction on maximum connected clients as mentioned in a previous reply above. I had both my PC and phone connected up to the Sequoia WiFi via the HTTP interface and I was able to configure and command the Sequoia from both devices simultaneously.


Thank you for this feedback, I am forwarding your comment to our software development team.