Wireshark plugin build


For Ubuntu 16.04, here is how i got the plugin working:

Installing SDK:


repo init -u https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/arsdk_manifests.git -m release.xml repo sync

Required dependencies: git build-essential (only for Linux) autoconf libtool python python3

in repo folder: ./build.sh -p arsdk-native -t build-sdk -j

Fixing the necessary .py files to get plugin to build:

…/Tools/libARCommandsgen.py (line 5188 needed 4th argument “prj”, set as empty string “”)
#The line should be as follows:

    defaultCls = ArClass('defaultCls', 0, '', '')

…/Tools/libARCommandsgen.py (line 5012, added special elif case for ArMultiSetting. Used ARSDK_ARG_TYPE_STRING as type.)
#The line should be as follows:

    elif isinstance(arg.argType, ArMultiSetting):
        table += '    .type = ARSDK_ARG_TYPE_STRING,\n'