Wireshark plugin installation



I have build the SDK correctly on linux. I have also installed Wireshark-1.12.10 successfully. In order to monitor the Bebop traffics with smartphone, I want to install WiresharkPlugin as well.

This is the related info in my system:

amir@amir:~$ python
Python 2.7.12 (default, Dec 4 2017, 14:50:18)

I got the following error while installing:

amir@amir:~/packages/libARCommands/WiresharkPlugin$ make
python …/…/…/out/arsdk-native/staging-host/usr/lib/arsdkgen/arsdkgen.py …/Tools/libARCommandsgen.py tree
** File “…/…/…/out/arsdk-native/staging-host/usr/lib/arsdkgen/arsdkgen.py”, line 10**
** file=sys.stderr)**
** ^**
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Makefile:40: recipe for target ‘tree.h’ failed
make: *** [tree.h] Error 1

Thank you.


Hi all,

Do you have any suggestions for my previous post? Thanks a lot in advance.