4G connection without using SkyController 4

It is mentioned in one of the discussions that it’s not currently possible to establish a cellular connection to the drone without a SkyController 4, and this was in August 2023. My questions are:
1- is it available today or not?
2- If not is the ability to connect to the drone directly over 4G scheduled for the future?

I do not know why a company such as Parrot has this bad support!!
This is the second time that I post a question and no one answer!!!

Hi @abbass-zain-eddine,

Sorry for the delay.

It is not possible to establish a cellular connection with the drone without the SkyController 4 and there are no plan to do so in the future. The reason for this is that our hardware is essential for establishing secure communication between the drone and the skycontroller.

I’m sorry that the free support we provide does not seem to meet your expectations. But please keep in mind that the support provided by Parrot on this forum is done as best effort by the developers themselves. This means that you can have access to people who actually know the system in details, but also that these people cannot spend all their time on support.


Thanks @Axelm,

I really appreciate your efforts to answer the all the question on this forum, and I know that it is not easy to do that. The thing that I saw other questions that have been posted after my post and have been answered. Any way thanks for your kind answer.

In fact we are at Soft-Chaos company developing a solution based on Parrot anafi ai drone. We are developing a Middleware based on Olympe to integrate it with our web interface later on in an industrial project. Thus we were wondering if it is possible with a given cost to have open access to the drone and be able to connect to the drone directly using 4G without passing through the Parrot cloud or using the skycontroller.

thanks in advance

Hi @abbass-zain-eddine,

Your question is legitimate, please contact our sales department (sales@parrot.com) to discuss it. Thank you.


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