4G IP address usable in Olympe

Is it possible to control the Anafi AI over 4G using Olympe? In other words, is it possible to retrieve the 4G IP address used by the drone in some way?


Could anyone from the dev team please confirm if this is possible? And if it is possible how would you retrieve the drone 4G IP address?


Sorry for the delay.
For now it’s not yet possible to use the 4G link with Olympe but that’s something we are working on.
We’ll update you with a how to guide soon.


When the drone is in 4G mode, does it get an IP address? Just curious :slight_smile:

Yes, the 4G connection on the drone is a normal IP connection to the network, so the drone has it’s own IP adress when registered on the 4G network.

Does this mean that in theory you could for example upload an AirSDK flightmission or plan to it as long as you have its IP?

In theory yes, but actually I think that’s not possible for 2 reasons:

  • Most of the operator doesn’t offer public IP adress, so even if you have an IP adress on the drone, the drone lies behind a NAT which means you can’t ping/connect to it directly
  • We have a firewall on the drone that will block any incoming request.

So It theory it’s possible if you download from a mission instead of upload.
What I mean is you first need to have an AirSDK mission that will be able to get additionnal content from an external server before using it.

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