About SDK for receiving information from in-flight ANAFI USA

Is there a callable method (SDK, web-API, etc.) which works on a ground station PC that can receive the following information and a camera movie in real time from the in-flight Parrot ANAFI USA at 1fps or higher rate?
·Required information are, GPS location information (latitude, longitude, altitude) , and Camera attitude information (Yaw, Roll, Pitch).
·Required camera movie is , movie at video rate or frame images such as motion jpeg at 1fps or higher frame rate.

Is it possible to connect the OSS ground station software “MissionPlanner” to Parrot ANAFI USA?
If possible, we make our software receive the above information and images of Parrot ANAFI USA via Mission Planner.


Olympe is the Parrot Drones ground station Python SDK for Desktop PC running on Linux PC. With Olympe you can control the drone and receive GPS location and camera attitude infos. You can also access the drone live video stream (30 FPS) and its associated metadata (at the same rate).

I’m not familiar with MissionPlanner but Parrot does not provide any integrated solution associated with it.

I appreciate your quick reply.
I will read Overview - 7.4.
Then, if i have a new question, I will ask as other topic. please close this topic.

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