Acces to GPS through yuv_frame.vmeta()

I’m working on a Parrot Anafi Drone and I’m trying to have access to GPS through meta data send with the camera stream.
The exemple specifies that:

# yuv_frame.vmeta() returns a dictionary that contains additional
# metadata from the drone (GPS coordinates, battery percentage, ...)

But when I displayed it I didn’t get access to it.
It might be because I don’t have access to it right now (working from in an office on a physical drone).
Do you have any idea that can help me having access to the GPS ?


In your test do you have access to other metadata such as the battery level for example?

If it is just the location info that is not available, it’s probably because you are testing inside a building with no GPS fix.

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I have access to battery and other stuff like quaternions, air_speed,…
I’ll test tomorrow outside. I’ll keep you informed.

I tried outdoor and the yuv_frame published the ‘location’ metadata.
So I seems that if there is no GPS detected, nothing is published (no even lat: 500, long: 500 as it is for other functions in olympe).

The covariance position is not send on the meta data, do you know if I can find this information somewhere ?

Thank you for your help.

We chose to not make location data available in dictionaries when the data is not valid where we could, instead of publishing data with ‘magic’ values such as 500,500.

The covariance position is not available however.

Thanks a lot for your answers !

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