Access Zebras and Histogram Data

Access zebra/overexposure & histogram data from drone camera

I’m trying to access the drone’s zebra/overexporsure data and have searched the entire openflight code base. As far as I can tell when searching for the keywords “zebra” and “overexposure” all i’m getting is boolean values and “nils” indicating whether the zebra feature has been turned on or if currently off.

The Services, CameraStreamingVC, Pods and GroundSDK files have been searched through.

I have attached an image below of the debug/print statements of the openflight codebase

In terms of data I was hoping to find the data in a 2D array, list, bins, other data structure capable of holding zebra/overexposure information

Is there a way to access the zebra/overexposure data that I have missed when looking through the app?


Overexposure (zebras) data is not available externally. It is currently a feature of the PDrAW library (the native rendering pipeline we are using), which does the processing inside an OpenGL shader of the default video renderer. You can configure this by using the zebrasEnabled and zebrasThreshold properties of the StreamView.

For the histogram data, you need to enable its computation via the histogramsEnabled, and then use a custom overlayer object. The basic use of an overlayer object is to allow you to render overlay data on the stream, but the overlay function also receives the computed histogram data (OverlayContext → histogram → histogramRed/Green/Blue/Luma).


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