Accessing ULog debug output on iOS

I’m having some trouble connecting to the drone from our app via the Parrot SDK on iOS. I recently changed our build environment from using carthage to using cocoapods which might or might not have something to do with my problem.

In any case, after calling AutoConnectionEngine::doStartAutoConnection() I am not getting any response back from the SDK. It occurs to me that I’d have a much clearer idea of what was going wrong if I could get the debug log as the engine is running.

there are numerous ULog calls in the SDK code that could be very informative if I could capture that output. Consulting the net I am lead to believe that ULog is a debugging tool used mostly for Android development. however, my development is on iOS.

has anyone tried to hook into the ULog output from the Parrot SDK in an iOS environment? can anyone point me in the direction of how to do so?

Thank you in Advance

Richard Hood
iOS Developer
Motorola Solutions