Activate mission when drone is hovering


I’m trying to activate a mission (Hello, Drone) when my simulated drone is hovering.
Unfortunately, when I assert on mission_activated, here is what I get :

 assert mission_activated.wait(), mission_activated.explain()
AssertionError: (
    mission.state(uid='com.parrot.missions.samples.hello', state='idle')
    >> mission.state(uid='com.parrot.missions.samples.hello', state='active')      

In the ULOG, here is what I got :

01-01 01:00:54.783 I fsup.mission_mngr(fsup-299)                  : Activating mission 'com.parrot.missions.samples.hello'
01-01 01:00:54.783 W fsup.Supervisor(fsup-299)                    : Unable to switch mission in state '<default.hovering.fixed.FullSteady object at 0x7fe37e25e5c0>'

Is there something to add to be able to active mission when drone is flying ?



Right now, it is only possible to switch mission in ground stage: Flight supervisor - 7.7

Switching missions requires changing the state machine in Flight supervisor. It is only possible when the drone is in Ground stage.


Hi @Ronan,

I didn’t see this sentence in AirSDK doc. If so, why can I switch from Piloting mission to CameraMan mission or Follow Me mission when I am flying ?

Hi Clement,

Because Piloting and Cameraman are actually not implemented as an AirSDK mission. They are both implemented as a piloting mode of the default AirSDK mission. Flight Plan and photogrammetry are also part of this default AirSDK mission.

The cameraman will probably be moved to an AirSDK mission in a future release of the Anafi Ai firmware.


Thanks @Ronan !

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