Add key to secure element fails

I’m trying to add a key to the secure element as described in However, it fails with the following error:

> ./build/dragon_buildext_mission/ --add-key fm-provider-public-key.pem --drone-address
INFO:root:Retrieving drone serial number
INFO:root:-> PI040450AA1K001871
INFO:root:Creating temporary APC user and authentication token
INFO:root:Generating challenge
INFO:root:Sending challenge to drone
INFO:root:Completing operation with drone response
ERROR:root:Exception occured: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url:*(...removed encoded message...)*

Is it necessary to do anything else for that command to work?

I tried the command from a new setup/computer and I get the same result.
Is there any authorization from the Anafi AI necessary?


The address given in the command line seems to be the SkyController one connected also on the wifi network of the drone.
The scripts then talks to the webserver and secure element of the Skycontroller instead on the drone (and there is a similar API but the authentication serveur does not accept the challenge.

The correct address for the drone over wifi is

Normally the script should be able to detect automatically the correct address of the drone via its name on the network (anafi-ai.local)

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