Airsdk-cli library dependencies

I have a question regarding the use of libraries not included in the Airsdk framework.
Previously I have added and built C++ libraries with an Airsdk mission by including it as a module in the file.
Is this somehow also possible with the airsdk-cli tool?

Additionally, is it possible to add python dependencies for Airsdk missions?


It is possible to add custom libraries to an airsdk-cli build with the deps: syntax.

You can either use lang: c++ and let airsdk-cli build all the available .cpp files, or if the library requires more control on the build system, write your own (or reuse what you wrote previously) and use lang: custom to tell airsdk-cli to read your own build file.

Regarding python dependencies, there is no dedicated way to add them in the current implementation, however, you can use the assets directory to add arbitrary files to your mission, and the assets/python/ directory is part of the python path of the mission, so a assets/python/somelib/ file can be imported as import somelib.lib in your mission python files.


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