AirSDK::Guidance Avoidance problem

Hello, I have purchased the Parrot ANAFI_AI product and I am currently developing a Custom Mission using AirSDK and Ground SDK to move to a Target Position. I have created an Android app using Ground SDK that displays the drone’s current position (local) and sends the Target Position to AirSDK. I have confirmed that this functionality is working correctly by checking the logs on anafi-ai.local.

I have also installed the AirSDK Custom Mission through the Sphinx simulator and verified that the drone moves to the destination successfully by integrating it with Ground SDK.

However, I encountered an issue while working on adding obstacle avoidance functionality for moving to the Target Position. To implement avoidance, I inherited the TrajectoryFcamMode class from Guidance and used guidance::TrajectoryFcamMode::setDroneNominalPositionTrajectoryLocal and correctDroneReference(processObstacleAvoidance()) in AirSDK::Guidance to enable avoidance. I built the mission successfully, installed it, and tested it.

During the flight, two trajectories are generated in gray and blue colors. However, I encountered issues such as the drone stopping when the Target Position (x) is in the negative range or when the Target Position (y) is too far. Even in open spaces with no obstacles, the drone stops mid-flight. If avoidance is not enabled, the drone moves to the Target Position correctly.

I am facing challenges as there is no documentation regarding how the calculations for x, y, z, dx, dy, dz, ddx, ddy, ddz in the virtual const guidance::PositionTrajectoryPoint &processObstacleAvoidance() function are done, and I don’t have access to this information. There is also no information in the documentation about the calculation methodology.

If you provide an email address, I can contact you privately and share the source code of the mission I am currently developing. Or you can contact me (

I would greatly appreciate a prompt response and assistance with this matter.

  • software(AirSDK) version : 7.7.0
  • Model : ANAFI_AI
  • environment : Simulation (Shpinx(PC) - AirSDK(Mission) - GroundSDK(Galaxy Tab))

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