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I would like to ask you for support:

I understand that there are three ways to perform Obstacle Avoidance in AirSDK: through Guidance::Obstacle Avoidance, the oa_manager in Flight Supervisor, and avoidance using the Service.

While there’s a detailed explanation in the AirSDK Document regarding the Obstacle Avoidance of Guidance, I tried following it but couldn’t achieve proper avoidance in the simulation environment. Hence, I’m considering using the OA_Manager for obstacle avoidance. Do I simply activate the Obstacle Avoidance in FlightSupervisor ( I’m curious if there are any modifications required in guidance or service when using the obstacle_manager.

How can i use Core Features?
I import obstacleAvoidanceManager in FSUP and called it but error occured.

from fsup.features.oa_manager import ObstacleAvoidanceManager
self.oa_manager = supervisor.obstacle_avoidance_manager
'fsup exception NameError: name 'supervisor' is not defined' 

Hi @jaehyung,

If you use it in a manager:

from fsup.features.oa_manager import ObstacleAvoidanceManager

class YourMissionManager:
    def __init__(self, supervisor, mission):
        self.oa_manager = supervisor.obstacle_avoidance_manager

In a state:

from fsup.features.oa_manager import ObstacleAvoidanceManager

class YourState(State):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.oa_manager = self.supervisor.obstacle_avoidance_manager

Best regards,

Thanks, trang.
I have forgot the ‘self’ when calling the supervisor.

In my case, used the code in my state and successfully built the mission
with your support.

But, i still have trouble in flight with avoidance in Simulation.

Is there anything else i have to do besides calling oa_manager in state?
Do i have to ‘call the oa_manager methods in state’ or ‘Use TrajectoryFcamMode in Guidance’?

Thanks for your support !

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