...AirSpeedChanged state is uninitialized


I would like to obtain the drone (Parrot ANAFI AI) current speed from Olympe via the “AirSpeedChanged”. The following code retrieves the desired data every second and saves it in a text file.

Unfortunately it remains impossible and i get a RuntimeError in the console explaining that “AirSpeedChanged” is uninitialized.

Otherwise, using “SpeedChanged”, i’m able to recover the speedX (speed relative to the North), which is not exactly the data I want to obtain.

Any suggestion on how to overcome this problem, is more than welcome!

Thank you,


If you look at the documentation of the AirSpeedChanged message, it is noted that the message is no longer supported (It was only supported on Disco). Anafi Ai has no air speed sensor, and thus cannot provide this information.

The SpeedChanged message is probably the way to go. You should be able to derive the ground speed of the drone from the 3D speed vector by taking the norm of the [speedX, speedY, 0] vector.


I actually didn’t pay attention to that. Thank you very much for your quick response.

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