Anafi 4k Magnetic Perturbations

At a flying spot after calibrating sometimes
when my anafi is way out I receive a perturbation
message at the rate of 1 every 5 seconds or so.
Does this means it is time to RTH or it it safe to continue
to fly with these messages at that rate.
Also what would cause that about 250 feet up?
Can power line EMI go that far up to affect it or somethign else?

Hi @anafifan,

Sorry for the delay,
Here’s a paragraph from the Anafi user guide (p.11):

ANAFI was designed and optimized to fly as is. Parrot therefore strongly discourages the
use of any add-on or accessory which could be mounted on, or attached to ANAFI(motor
covers, feet extensions, buoys, hulls, etc.). In addition to the overweight they carry for the
drone and its motors, they can indeed magnetically disturb ANAFI and impair its

And, here’s an other answer in the Parrot forum developper. I hope this helps.


Since I have no attachments at all on the aircraft from the start that would have caused this, I can conclude it is from some other form of interference throwing it off and producing the constant magnetic messages at that rate. It is still unknown what exactly that pulse like interference could be after a clean calibration that high up. The message comes from which sensor on the anafi - the gyro, compass or GPS module?

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