Anafi 4K savedPlan.json ImageStartCapture options

I’m working on a simple plugin to create savedPlan.json files, and I have a few questions… First, is there a detailed documentation somewhere about flight plans structure (where the following questions might be answered !) ?

About ImageStartCapture :

  1. can “period” (time intervall between photos) be set as a decimal, eg “period”: 1.6, instead of an int, eg “period”: 2, ? I suppose 1/10th of a second would be close to the minimum time intervall to shoot JPGs or PNGs ?

… “actions”: [
“type”: “ImageStartCapture”,
“period”: 2,
“resolution”: 12.58291244506836,
“nbOfPictures”: 0

  1. in the former example, “resolution” sets the photo format to wide JPG or rectangular, can it change the zoom value too ? There is no such option in Parrot Flight Plan app ?

  2. about “nbOfPictures”: , if I set “nbOfPictures”: 1 this sounds as it should shot only 1 photo then stops ? in this case the “period” value would be useless, can it be removed, or should it be set to 0 ?

Thanks for any advice !

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