ANAFI 4k Thermal YOLO using camera

I have been trying to detect human by using YOLO with ANAFI 4k thermal camera which I have now but it doesn’t work well… I don’t know well about code language so I have just searched on the internet then copied codes and pasted, that’s all I could do so far. And still I haven’t found any solution…
If there is anyone who has the codes what I said above… Can you help me?
I appreciate it in advance

i m pretty familiar with yolo series. Maybe you can just post your question clearly here.

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is there any reference codes that how to use streaming camera of anafi drone?

u can check the yolov5 on github. You can change the parameter to use video stream

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oh thank you so much how can i find the link sir?

just search yolov5 on github, and the author has released the tutorial there

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