Anafi adb or Telnet

Product version: [X.X.X]
SDK version: [X.X.X]
Use of libARController: [YES/NO] (Only for ARSDK)
SDK platform: [iOS/Android/Unix/Python…]
Reproductible with the official app: [YES/NO/Not tried]

Hi. Is there a way to open an adb or telnet access to Anafi like we could do on Bebop 2 and AR Drone? (The methods that worked on Bebop 2 and AR Drone are no longer work on Anafi anymore. ).

This appears to be by design. We have not gotten any guidance from the parrot devs yet.

If it cannot be done. We will advise our existing university customers to stick with Bebop 2 for longer and abandon Anafi as a new development platform due to it has no potential.