Anafi Ai GPS Accuracy

Hello everyone,
I have a Parrot Anafi Ai with a 5G SIM card installed. GPS accuracy is going red from time to time. I have read forums did the following:

  1. I did a factory reset and installed all new firmware.
  2. I left my drone outside for more than 20 minutes (Sat broadcast is every 12 minutes)
    After these actions it is still the same, my cell phone can see 24 satellites, and Anafi Ai sees only 11-12. If I roll Anafi Ai GPS accuracy goes red and the number of satellites goes 0.

I have doubts about the firmware update. Is this related to a hardware problem or the latest software updates? (I have 7.7.1 installed)
Is anyone having similar issues?

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We have noticed similar problems. We ran a GPS analysis program on a smartphone in parallel with the drone and found that on average about 30% to at times 100% fewer satellites were displayed in Freeflight.
We also observed the phenomenon that for some time no satellites were displayed at all in Freeflight, while 20 /24 were fixed on the smartphone.
This worries us a bit, because we want to use the drone also in BVLOS operation and need stable GPS data with an error up to max. 15 m for this.
Could we please get a statement from Parrot on this.


This issue is not related to the SDK. I suggest contacting Parrot’s customer support.


Thanks so much

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