ANAFI and BLUEGRASS cameras info

We are a start-up company in the field of precision agricultural.
Right now we are working with DJI’s drones, usually with Phantom 4 PRO, Mavic and Mavic Air.
The parameters of BLUEGRASS and ANAFI looks promising. We will love to start work with these drones.

Before we are going forward with this we would like to understand few things:

  1. I’m not clear about what is present in the specs as FOV and focal length (fl). Please can someone provide me with accurate numbers for the fl and FOV? Here are my calculations (may be I calculate it wrongly? If yes, can someone explain where are my mistakes?):
    a. As I can see in the specs. It has 1/2.4" camera. Which mean 5.9X4.32mm
    b. Focal length = 23mm – 69mm (for photos)
    c. Widest FOV = 2Xatan(h/2f) = ~14deg
    d. Narrowest FOV = ~4deg
    e. It is totally far from the FOVs you have in the specs.
  2. I would like to have all the parameters for the RGBs cameras for the BLUGRASS
  3. We have to fly the drones in 1m above the crops. Does your existing flying software support this need?
    a. If not, do you have sensors for flight height? Sonar sensors or other?
    b. If we will develop our own way (using the sensors of image processing) to make sure the drone is in the right height, does your SDK limited me in any way or we will be able to develop our flight software using your SDK to make the drones flight in this height?
  4. Is there any way to limited the drone to work in 2.4Hz communication (this is the only frequent allowed for now in Israel)?
  5. Is there a way to turn on and off the drone remotely?