ANAFI and QGC Integration

Has anyone had luck in operating the ANAFI from QGroundControl (QGC)? I am able to connect to ANAFI over wifi but it seems as though the mavlink information is not fully compatible (e.g. missing mavlink fields).

Any thoughts?


Yes , Anafi is compatible with QGC starting firmware 1.7.0.
It’s a direct Wifi connection though, you can not use the controller between the drone and QGC at the moment.

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I am not connected using the controller. I just connected my Anafi (firmware 1.1.7) through the Wifi to my macbook and QGC recognized it, however QGC issued warning notifications stating that it was missing mavlink messages in the Radio and Flight Plan which prevented it from allowing me to do any flight planning.

Is there any specific configuration that I need to set QGC (or the Anafi) up to ensure that it is receiving all the appropriate mavlink messages?