Anafi as an improved USB WiFi adapter not working


I’m trying to setup my Anafi drone as a wifi adapter and followed the steps on this page:
I have run the configuration script under /opt/parrot-sphinx/usr/bin/configure_drone_as_wifi_dongle with the following output:

Drone fully configured.
Now please unplug the drone, wait a few seconds, then plug the drone
again to your computer.
You should see a new network interface in your computer named
Please note this interface can take some seconds to appear.

Once the new network interface is visible, you can launch Sphinx with
a drone and specify the stolen interface for the drone as

To connect to the simulated drone, you can use FreeFlight on your phone
and connect to the WiFi network with the SSID ANAFI-???XXXX where XXXX
is the same as in your newtork interface sphx_ana_XXXX.

However, after I unplugged the drone and connect it again, the wifi interface did not show up. I have unplugged the drone several times now, and I have wait for at lease a minute before re-plugin the drone. I wonder why this happens and how to resolve this issue, thanks.

I have the same problem. After installing a Ubuntu 18.04 with a 4.15 Linux kernel as recommended and made exactly what Shadow552 said, I have the same result: IT DO NOT WORK ! Never seen an USB Wifi Adapter provided by the ANAFI !!!
Is there someone who heard what one say ?