Anafi as USB WiFi adapter not working

I am not the only one to note that the so-called mode of the ANAFI drone to obtain the equivalent of a Wifi access point (AP), Anafi as an improved USB WiFi adapter, does not work at all !!!
Documentation is clear: …but it doesn’t work !!!
Yes we can mount ANAFI as SD Card on USB (auto),
Yes we find “configure_drone_as_wifi_dongle” command which say to unplug then plug the USB cable,
No, there is no new wifi adapter (diplayed by “ip a | grep sphx” command for example)…

However, all the instructions in “” were followed to the letter: “A Ubuntu 18.04 with a 4.15 Linux kernel is recommended”.
All was correctly installed, but impossible to implement the wifi of the ANAFI drone as an AP necessary for the use of Sphinx.
And it’s not over !
Even the sphinx does not install properly! There are incompatible timestamp structure PBs, macro “access_ok” which goes from 2 to 3 arguments … All this is not serious at all!
How can we fill such a volume of html pages, supposedly make forums, and leave users in the limelight?
I am waiting for help for a while and then I will advise.


Have you updated your firmware to the latest version?
Is your drone an Anafi Thermal by any chance? The configuration script can only be used with Anafi drones.

Yes I allways accept all notifications for installing new firmware (either the ANAFI and/or the Skycontroler) and I fly at least once a day.
I think my ANAFI is not a Thermal…How to be sure ?
I think there is another reason:

  • Command “configure_drone_as_wifi_dongle” and documentation include a “Wait few seconds”, after execution of this command and disconecting the USB cable, but "what is making the drone during this “few” seconds ?
  • And when we reconnect USB cable, is it a middle to see that the drone as effectivly detected the “drone_as_wifi_dongle” request ? (like an ls in a specific dir on file system).

This bug is very annoying, because so far I have not been able to configure a wifi access in AP on Ubuntu 18.04.
And I even bought a TL-W722n Wifi USB key as recommended in the documentation, and it does not work under Ubuntu 18.04: Compilation problems appear, it’s a river romance on Internet forums. Certainly, Linux does not just work with Wifi.

  • Is it possible to go through a WiFi router on my LAN? (at least, there, I can configure with certainty an AP)

Some smart idea ?

Best regards.

I think I have an anwer to the topic. For my tests, I use a high-end motherboard dating from ten years (ASUS P6T DeLuxe over $ 300). Regarding the use of the TL-W722n USB wifi key under Ubuntu 18.04 as recommended, I did the test again with a low-end motherboard (x58pro at $ 50): the wifi key is correctly detected. I plan to retest ANAFI as a WiFi AP with this motherboard …
In other words, it would seem advisable in the How-To relating to ANAFI to specify that it is strongly recommended to use a motherboard “up to date”, in any case, not “too old”. It’s a little weird, but apparently there is poorly managed motherboard hardware compatibility for developers of the Linux kernel used.
Best regards