Anafi as wifi dongle: can't connect to the network


I’ve been trying to set up Sphinx (old version) on a VirtualBox VM with Ubuntu 18.04. As WiFi access point, I tried to use a TP-Link TL-WN823N v3 with no luck (I found out later that the chipset is not supported), and now I am trying to use my Anafi as wifi adapter.

Although I was able to configure the Anafi properly (using configure_drone_as_wifi_dongle) and Sphinx seems working fine with that interface, I am not able to connect to the simulated drone.

The problem is that neither my phone nor the Skycontroller are able to connect to the wifi network. Using my phone, authentication works fine but it seems not able to get an IP address for some reason. Even using a static IP does not work (I can’t find the drone).

Do you have an idea why I am getting this problem? Is it related to the fact that I am running Sphinx on a VM?

I am using the old Sphinx for now as I don’t have the credentials to download the new version. My Anafi has the latest firmware installed.


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