ANAFI autonomous flight performances?

ANAFI specification is 55 km/h (15 m/s), but flies 10 m/s at maximum ground speed.
ANAFI is able to rotate 180° on Z axis quickly while manual flight (less than 1 second), but needs 9 seconds while flight plan!

So, my question is: where could I find ANAFI flight plan performances:

  • maximum horizontal speed (guessed: 10 m/s)
  • horizontal acceleration curve (guessed: 2.5 m/s/s max, but 0.71 m/s/s mean)
  • maximum up speed (guessed: 5 m/s)
  • maximum down speed (guessed: 2 m/s)
  • maximum Z axis rotation (guessed: 20°/s)
  • minimum photo period (that could be maintain during all the flight for ground mapping, thanks to WebODM). (guessed: 1.25 s, including 0.2s recording time that should not been included in requested period)
  • gimbal Tilt maximum speed