Anafi Camera Groundsdkdemo

Hi, I search how I can capture video with the groundsdk demo. If you know how I can, please help me.


To display the drone video stream in your application, you may refer to in groundsdkdemo.

This is a demo implementation of an activity that displays a HUD. In this activity, we display the drone video stream as a background, on top of which we overlay various HUD elements.

Basically, to display the drone video, you need to retrieve the StreamServer peripheral, from which you can request the drone camera live stream (live() method). You can then feed this stream to GsdkStreamView UI component, which will be able to display the drone video.

You cannot, however, capture the live stream and record it to a file directly. We do not provide such an API for the time being.
If you need to capture the drone video, you have to tell the drone to record video (using Camera peripheral), and then when your recording is over, you can download the recorded video from the drone (using MediaStore peripheral).