ANAFI drone is stuck in the wifi.rssi_changed(rssi=#) loop

I send commands to my ANAFI drone using Olympe library on an ubuntu computer. I usually can connect to drone and send piloting commands. However, sometimes even with no change at all, the terminal gets stuck in a loop (wifi.rssi_changed info loop as given in the screen photo below). Lucky, I found a weird solution to it. If I connect the drone with my phone and use it then connect with computer again, the problem is usually solved. The following two screens shows the terminal when it get s stuck. Does anybody experience the same problem?

There appear two warning at the begining as “Unknown message id 0xa2000005” and “Unknown message id 0xa2000004” at the begining of the connection, if it helps.


Your logs screenshot does not tell much

Those warning messages means that the drone is sending event messages that Olympe cannot identify and decode. Those two messages are from to the “auto_follow” feature or Anafi 1 and are no longer supported by Olympe. You can safely ignore those warnings.

Could you please share you script here and/or your complete logs (in text) so that we see what may have gone wrong ?

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