ANAFI ,Mask R-CNN ,get the Livestream or the video

Hi, I am working on deep learning projects using ANAFI and Mask R-CNN as an object detection algorithm
-I have some questions if you could please help me with them.

1-How can I get the Livestream or the video form the ANAFI to my computer I want to know all the possible way to get the data from the drone so I can choose the most efficient one I am thinking of using some API, Wi-Fi connection, for example, 5G or maybe form the SkyController I don’t know.
I hope i can get it closes to real-time as possible

2- is there I way to connect the ANAFI to the cloud server to process the data?

3-I am also planning to have the drone autonomy using ROS if possible but I don’t know if ANAFI and the Olympe can run that and if it’s possible how to do that
I saw it for bebop_autonomy BUT for ANAFI I don’t know-how

sorry, but I am new if anyone can help me I appreciate your help :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:


The Olympe user guide has a video streaming example.

Not directly but if your ground station (a laptop running Olympe?) is also connected to Internet (4G / WiFi ?) then you can use it as a cloud gateway. This cloud integration is completely out of the scope of the SDK.

I am not familiar with ROS nor with bebop_autonomy so I can’t help you with that, sorry.

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