ANAFI Mavlink protocol version

This is a follow up to this ticket (C++ SDK for ANAFI - #16 by jhaws1982).

I am unable to get QGroundControl to fly our ANAFI. Is there documentation or a tutorial on getting that to work? I have not had any luck.

I have a suspicion that it could have something to do with the Mavlink protocol version (and this is why my code doesn’t work with an ANAFI but does work with other Mavlink drones). Does the ANAFI really only support Mavlink V1 or does it now support V2? When I use Wireshark to look at the traffic, the sync bytes indicate that the ANAFI is publishing V2 messages (sync byte == 0xFD), but this disagrees with what the white paper says it supports. Does it publish V2 but only accepts V1?

Thanks for the help!

Okay - so we found out that it appears to be V2 and are doing some more testing. To get QGC (and other Mavlink GCS/control softwares) to communicate correctly you cannot have the controller connected to the drone at all. It appears that it only honors/responds to the first connection to the device because when we connected QGC first, then the controller QGC worked just fine and the controller could not do anything (ANAFI would not respond to the controller/FreeFlight at all).

Is this expected behavior?

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It appears that it only honors/responds to the first connection

Yes, the drone only accepts one controller at a time. This is by design, to avoid issues when multiple controllers would send incompatible commands.


I have sucessfully run a mission using QGCS software. There were no hurdles in doing so.

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