Anafi model for odometry

I am looking for a dynamic model of the Anafi drone in order to have an Odometry.
I want to use a Kalman filter in order to have a better localization precision but I only have access to the GPS but no odometry.
Do you have any idea how I can have access to it ?



Have you ever used a Kalman filter? I mean that does it really improves precision?

I never implemented one on a robot but I know that for mobile robotic with sensor that are not 100% reliable (GPS with a meter precision, IMU that drifts,…) KF is a good method to improve your localization

When you talk about odometry, if it means the angles of rotations (roll, pitch, yaw), you can get them thanks to the command AttitudeChanged by calling it like this: drone.get_state(AttitudeChanged).

Hoping that this answers your question.

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