Anafi Platform Sustainability

As we known a new drone is coming.
We wish the new coming anafi 2 is compatible with old anafi.
(compatible bodies, battery, props,etc)
Parrot should continue to update and improve the Freeflight 6 App, firmware and battery.
Maybe one day we can use new anafi 2 battery in the old anafi.
Sustainability is the core in the drone industry.
I suggest that Parrot can consider to let customer upgrade some latest technology from
their old Anafi. For example, the new camera module, WiFi 6 module, etc…
And please combine all new and old Anafi into one Freeflight 6 App to control the drone.
I hope I can use my Anafi and Freeflight 6 App over 10-15 years…
Parrot can also consider to launch new “Drone only” package if the new Anafi is using the same
original controller.

Again, when you develop new product, consider more about “Sustainability” and “Compatibility”.

Best Regards,

ARDrone V1 was supported for about a year post ARDrone V2 launch. To this day the original SDK works for both.

Bebop V1 was supported for about a year post V2 launch. To this day ARSDK supports both (limited to the capabilities available to the B1 with its final firmware update).

I think we have a ways to go before Parrot looks to sunset the Anafi. It is at the heart of Groundsdk. I suspect (I do not represent Parrot in any legal or employment related manner) we will continue to have support for it in one manner or another for years to come.

With some tweaks we’ve (really just me I guess) have demonstrated full backwards compatibility with groundsdk to the older drones (B1, B2, Disco, and Mambo Wi-Fi). I believe as a company Parrot has chosen to not extend that type of support for financial reasons. It would be like asking Microsoft to continue support Windows 7 long after the release of Windows 10 (anyone remember windows 8 and 8.5?).

The underlying protocol is pretty solid IMHO. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if Parrot looked into a transport other than Wi-Fi, but doubt the protocol itself would change dramatically.

Let’s focus on the true power of the platform – the SDK. So long as Parrot continues to keep it open source (this has been at their heart since the very beginning) I think we’ll have years and years of continued support, even if community based.


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