Anafi record flight data on video SD card

Not sure how to describe what I want to do. I want the live flight data, lat/long, elevation, to be recorded on the saved video, so it will always be present when viewing the video after the flight is over. Kind of like titles super imposed on the video. Would want to be able to turn this feature on/off at the start of the flight. I’ve seen some examples of adding this data in a post processing app, but I would like to to be there embedded in the saved video. I would have thought this would have been a fairly desired option, but doesn’t seem to be addressed. Is it even possible.

thanks in advance

Mark Jenkins


We already record a lot of metadata inside the video file (you can find the documentation here).

Overlaying this data onto the video should be done in post-processing (we currently have no plan to add it to the drone firmware), but it is definitely possible.

We do provide an example for this kind of uses with the PDrAW program, which can be used as a video viewer which can overlay some metadata to the frame.


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