Anafi RTSP Stream/Mavlink llink

Hello Every one,

I’m new to Parrot ecosystem.

I’m trying to connect and get Mavlink and Video feed to a computer from a Anafi USA.

I manage to get the video feed through the RTSP server with an Ethernet cable.
I manage to get the Mavlink feed with the WiFi connection.

But we did not succeed to get the video feed with WiFi and the Mavlink one with Ethernet.
Is there a way to manage both feeds with Ethernet and/or WiFi (get only one link ?)

Hi @Inanix,

Can you provide more details about your set-up ?

With a Skycontroller ? Which one ?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the delay.


It’s the Skycontroller USA with its 8-inch display (Samsung tablet).

The setup is just a computer and the skycontroller.
I’m trying to get both data feeds (Mavlink telemetry and video).

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