ANAFI SDK v1.1 release

Hi everyone,
SDK 1.1 for ANAFI has been released on GitHub.
The major updates are

  • new Sample tutorials for iOS and Android: those are step-by-step guides to build the sample app from the beginning!
  • MAVLink / Flightplan documentation

The new 1.1 SDK must be used with all drones with firmware 1.6.x


Hi @Jerome. I see there is now also a v1.1.1 release. What is in that release?

Just a bug fix for Cocoapods.
All 1.x.0 releases are major releases and we will publish a changelog
All 1.x.y releases are minor releases for bug fixing.

Hi Jerome - could this fly planning (MAVLink / Flightplan) work with Olympe? or only for the GroundSDK? Thanks much!

Got it. Thanks, Jerome!

Release 1.1.2 has been published!
This releases fixes the issue when publishing an app on the AppStore using the Pods.
Documentation and sample code have been updated as well to match this version.