ANAFI SDK v1.1 release

Hi everyone,
SDK 1.1 for ANAFI has been released on GitHub.
The major updates are

  • new Sample tutorials for iOS and Android: those are step-by-step guides to build the sample app from the beginning!
  • MAVLink / Flightplan documentation

The new 1.1 SDK must be used with all drones with firmware 1.6.x


Hi @Jerome. I see there is now also a v1.1.1 release. What is in that release?

Just a bug fix for Cocoapods.
All 1.x.0 releases are major releases and we will publish a changelog
All 1.x.y releases are minor releases for bug fixing.

Hi Jerome - could this fly planning (MAVLink / Flightplan) work with Olympe? or only for the GroundSDK? Thanks much!

Got it. Thanks, Jerome!