Anafi Serial number and P7ID

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Is there any way to programatically retrieve the serial number of a drone? This would be very valuable for business applications and access control.

I noticed there is a thing called P7ID but it is an event message and so far I have not seen this message received. Am I missing something?

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You can get the drone serial number with the following two messages :

The common.SettingsState.ProductVersionChanged message gives you the software version running on the drone.

Note: the LSB and MSB bytes of the serial number have been historically split in two different messages, you’ll have to concatenate the MSB and LSB hex string to get the serial number.



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@ndessart Thanks for the event names.

I see that in sphinx ProductSerial*Changed, the values are set to 000000000. Is there any way to configure this value? On my application we use serial numbers as device identifiers and it would be nice to change it for System Component Tests, without needing to mock the values. Do you have any suggestion?

Unfortunately, this is not configurable. The zeroed out product serial number is a desirable feature for Parrot.

The best way I know to uniquely identify a drone (simulated or physical) is the SSID of its wifi access point.

For a physical drone, the SSID is based on the serial number (Anafi_XXXXXX).

For a simulated drone, the SSID is based on the mac address of the wifi dongle. The SSID takes the form Anafi_PC_XXXXXX where XXXXXX depends on the mac address of your Wifi USB adapter.

Your best option would be to somehow get/remember the SSID you are connected to (use nmcli or python-networkmanager for example).

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