ANAFI Signal Strenght

Hello Parrot experts.

How do I check the telemetry signal quality for my ANAFI? In the Arsdk messages there is a very useful looking message Common_CommonState_LinkSignalQuality but I am unable to get such a message ever to reach me. I am using the SkyController 3 as an ethernet modem for my connection to the ANAFI.

I noticed that the Parrot application shows a wifi signal icon and that it changes when i get away from the Drone.


Have you tried activating the video streaming? Because it takes some bandwidth to estimate the signal quality. The drone might not send any signal quality message if the link does not see a minimum of traffic.

You might also be interested in the wifi.rssi_changed message that gives you a fine grained estimate of the wifi signal strength. As for the link signal quality, the drone can only estimate the signal strength when there is a minimum of traffic on the wifi link.