Anafi Telpresence, control over distance, acess point connection


Iam Newbie here. I am trying to find out if it is possible to use an Anafi as a telepresence drone. This is a pure indoor application. The goal is to connect the Anafi to a local WLAN and then control the drone with an iPAD or a PC that is 1,000 km away.

I have already encountered the following problems:

  1. How to connect the Anafi to a local WLAN instead of setting up a WLAN by myself?
  2. Can the required data (control and video stream) be forwarded across network boundaries? Anafi - Local WLAN - VPN - Controller WLAN - iPad
  3. How does the Anafi react to latency, i.e. delayed transmitted control commands?
  4. Can the Anafi be controlled without a controller via IOS app only?
  5. Is there already a PC controller for the Anafi?

I would really appreciate your input on this.



1- you can’t
2- you need to use “something” as a gateway between the drone and internet : a phone or a computer
3- the only latency will be between your remote host and the controller
4- yes
5- yes, the olympe framework is a python controller for Anafi.

Dear Jerome,

thanks for the quick answer.

Do you know an existing solution for 2. i.e. with a raspberry?

About 4. with ground SDK or with freeflight?