Anafi: Understand enums in JSON flightlogs

I’m developing an application to read and explain JSON flightlog files from Anafi. The application can be found here: GitHub - h-elsner/showanafilog: "ShowAnafiLog" is an application to show JSON log files from Parrot's "Anafi" quad-copter in a human readable format.

To avoid to propagate wrong information I would like to know the meanings of the enum values published in the JSON file:

  • flying_state (especially state 6 and 7)
  • alert_state
  • flip_type (is it used for Anafi?)
  • product_gps_position_error (seems to be always 0)

Is there any documentation available? I’m not sure if my assumptions are true and I miss some information.
Any help would be appreciated.

best regards, Helmut

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Since you’ve posted your message the Anafi GroundSDK has been released.

You can obtain these kind of information from the Olympe documentation :

  • flying_state
  • alert_state
  • flip_type
  • product_gps_position_error ? → I haven’t found any reference to it in the documentation but I think this parameter is actually a measurement of the GPS accuracy (in cm). If it’s 0 it probably means that you don’t have a GPS signal.



Thanks a lot Nicolas. Now I can update the tool “ShowAnafiLog” with given information.
Two questions:

  • What is meant by “‘Cut out alert’” in Alert state? Anafi shut down?
  • Is the Flip_type true? Anafi has always zero and do not flip at all. On another place I found:
    0: ‘None’;
    1: ‘Front’;
    2: ‘Back’;
    3: ‘Right’;
    4: ‘Left’;
    This makes more sense for me (left / right are exchanged ?)

best regards and thanks again, Helmut

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  • The “cut out” is a safety feature that shut down the propellers in case the drone has detected a collision/one of the propeller hit something (the grass, a tree or somebody’s finger…). A “cut out” might also occur if the drone autopilot is loosing control/has taken too much angle (high wind conditions or someone has grabbed the drone).
  • Anafi (unlike Bebops and the minidrones) doesn’t know how to flip. The flip_type is irrelevant for Anafi.

Where have you found this contradictory information?

Sorry, I forgot from where exactly it came. I think it was something from Bebop internal descriptions.

regards, Helmut