Anafi usa battery charging details

Hi I have multiple questions regarding specifics of charging the ANAFI USA’s batteries. Please help provide some information on these:

  1. Can you provide a data sheet that outlines the charging profile of the battery. What is the maximum charge current? Current taper profile? What is the charge cutoff current when the battery is near fully charged in constant voltage charge mode?

  2. Can you provide a datasheet that outlines the communication protocol from charger to battery. Any packet formatting things to take into account? Any handshakes between battery and charger?

  3. Any datasheets or specs available on the BMS in the battery (if there is a BMS with main FETs in the battery)?

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I am also interested in this.

For example, that is the pinout of the battery charging port? Is it using smbus over i2c like most smart batteries out there?

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