Anafi webserver difference between 1.8.0 & 1.7.7

Dear Team, I can see anafi webserver interface has changed (when connected via skycontroller) in version 1.8.0 from what I used to see in version 1.7.7. In particular, the 1.8.0 version now doesn’t show the options for media and flightplan, so I am wondering how to upload the flightplan now when connected via skycontroller??

The API ‘/api/v1/upload/flightplan’ used to work in version 1.7.7 when connected via controller but the same is failing in version 1.8.0.

Could you please guide in version 1.8.0 how to upload the flightplan when connected via controller?

1.7.7 webserver (IP:

1.8.0 webserver (IP:, 180 port is not working in 1.8.0):

In fact, the web server page you see is the web server from the controller, not the drone.
You can check that on the INFO tab.

We are looking why you can’t access the drone on port 180. (reproduced on my drone)

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Hello, how can you access SKC3’s web interface by wifi connection? Could you advise the method for me, please?

@Jerome Do you have any update on this issue?? Got a chance to take a look into this or any workaround?? Thanks.

Rome wasn’t built in a day :wink:

Bug confirmed on our side, we are currently testing the next release that contains the fix.

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